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Hi my name is Brenda I receive the Glam bag and really like it. There have been times when i have gotten products that do not match what i fill out and ive updated it recently which really stayed the same.

Ok, in my glam bag i received a product called LOVECRAFT BEAUTY a Bronzer Palette, very nice but the colors are for a very dark skin women or black women, im a medium light women. I would like a replacement for what i paid for, if your company sends me a package to send back what i have , i will do that, its has not been touched. I just want a palette for medium light. My glam bag goes to my mothers mailing address and name; Elizabeth Grogan 5300 avalon ave columbus Ohio 43239, the account is in my name Brenda Adams 3978 karl rd, apt.

46 Columbus Ohio 43224. I hope I continue wanting to stay with your company, employees need to makes sure customers are receiving the right products.

I know mistakes can be made but often i receive products i never ask for. Thank you and look forward to respond...

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