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Update by user Sep 28, 2016

My not-so-glam bag arrived. The brush retails for less than $3. The only makeup is a comically small mascara & a mini highlighter stick.

Update by user Sep 28, 2016

I heard back from Ipsy. They will not refund & promise my bag will be here by the end of the first week of October or they will reship it.

Yeah, that solves nothing.

They also feel they did an excellent job matching the products to me based on my preferences, but I don't recall choosing eye treatments as they said- I can't check because all of that was erased as soon as I canceled. They did provide me with the Fed Ex shipping link, which I already had but might be good for others who cancel to know.

Original review posted by user Sep 27, 2016

You sign up and WHAM! Placed on a waitlist that forces you to spam people to get off of. This is AFTER you've given Ipsy your credit card/payment info.

There is NO customer service line, nor refunds. Emails are automated & do not address your issue. Facebook page comments are answered by 2 women, who I suspect are employees, in an incredibly rude manner. Tweets are ignored.

They are quick to snag your money on the first of the month, but ship slowly. Shipping is done in three batches, starting mid month. You may not get your bag for the month in THAT month, or at all. Shipping estimates & actual shipping dates will change a dozen times, always pushing further & further back. My September bag, which no longer shows in my purchases, won't arrive until October. Cheap items from China (like from Wish) ship more quickly & efficiently.

You WILL get to "peek" at your bag before it arrives, to see that Ipsy completely ignored your beauty profile. I subscribed because I thought it would be a fun way to explore new makeup. I was wrong. My bag, which never arrived, had mascara in it- mascara that has horrible feedback at that. Everyone already owns mascara, that's not exciting. Other items were a highlighter, a very cheap shadow brush, gel eye mask things, and a sample of facial scrub.

If you cancel your subscription before your bag arrives make sure to write down all the tracking info on FedEx's page, because Ipsy erases it, despite the fact it is outstanding & you had purchased it- it's not in your history- SCREENSHOT that! That is, if you successfully unsubscribe. You choose to cancel & they will ask you why- but you're only allowed to choose 2 options. Below that there is a HUGE, HOT PINK "cancel" button. Below that, in small, very light colored font, is the option to unsubscribe. This appears like this twice. Clearly meant to mislead you so that you remain subscribed/paying. Once you figure that out you will get an email to confirm. You MUST hit the link within to finish the process. I highly recommend that you SAVE the confirmation email you will receive shortly after!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ipsy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ipsy Cons: No customer service, Product never arrived, Slow shipping time, No refund policy, Aggressive advertisement in form of forced spam.

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I just started Ipsy and when I had a damaged product in my bag i emailed them and they replied saying they would send me a replacement, it might not be the exact company but the same product my Makeup 4 ever XL aqua matte black eyeliner pencil came broken and they sent me a replacement (but it was colourpop gel eyeliner) which is what i wanted originally, i got it back in 5 days after they replied, i also got off the wait list because i had an issue and they removed me.


You sound dumb as could be. "I don't remember choosing mascara" do you seriously think an employee sits down and handpicks every product for every customer?

Come on. Besides that, what were you expecting? You signed up for a makeup bag. You got makeup.

"Everyone has mascara" but I bet if they sent something really weird or new and trendy you'd *** about that too. This whole article is you nitpicking at things not even worth complaining about.


Thank you Above Commenter! I was able to grab a screenshot of my DHL shipping page because you warned me about the loss of tracking information once I canceled.

I, too, experienced horrible delays for two months in a row. No responses to my emails in December 2016 at all... And only one reply to my email in January 2017. I've been ignored since.

I went back to Birchbox. At least their shipping was more reliable...


I wanted to clarify that my bag didn't just disappear, but isn't going to arrive for a couple more days. However, my shipping estimate & actual shipping date has changed half a dozen times.